Genie’s ready for your large format fine art photo needs…

Film processing ends and our full attention goes to large format photo printing for fine artists and photographers. We have left our analogue roots behind and embrace the digital age with the skills acquired over 30 years of print making and being at the forefront of the photographic industry.

Phase 1: Complete!

We’ve stopped the analogue side to our business since the  9th January 2015 . Sadly we no longer process film and  we  have consigned our film processors to oblivion, removed the chemistry, turned off the nitrogen, stopped the dryers and closed off the washes. so  to our loyal customers – please do not send any unprocessed flm over to Genie. However, please send over your enlargements for custom printing..

Phase 2: Completed:

We are streamlining and will be printing only A3 and bigger . We will be concentrating on our fine art printing and mounting services on a bespoke basis. Also on scanning of large batches of film from low end to high end.

Other areas will include: Image manipulation and digital asset management, metadata and archive management as we will still retain our specialised scanners .

As we transition, we will  need to turn ourselves upside down after 28 years in the same building.  The move over to these more focused areas  will cause some interruption to our workflow- at times, we may be a little hard to get hold of and we suggest you email with any questions about work or jobs that need to be done.

So if you have a fine art exhibition that needs printing or mounting  , some giant inkjet enlargements of bespoke single images , large format canvas prints , retouching or artworks copying, limted edition Giclee print making – we would be pleased to help. Call on 020 8772 1700

Looking forward to the new  filmless Genie…..onwards and upwards and out of the bottle!