Genie’s going back into its bottle….the end of film processing.

Since 1987 we have handled film processing here at Genie but sadly 2014  will be our last full year.

We are going to stop the analogue side to our business at 9th January 2015 and  we will try to  fulfill all our film processing orders whilst our chemistry remains fresh. After that we  will consign our film processors to oblivion, remove the chemistry, turn off the nitrogen, stop the dryers and close off the washes.

Why ? Well we cannot see a future in it all and the volumes although still significant do not look too promising going forward. We feel vulnerable as the servicing on our high end machines will become increasingly difficult and eventually we will no longer be able to get the chemistry needed to do the process.

The end is nigh!

So after 28 years its time for the Genie to return to its bottle and the magic of film to disappear. We are especially saddened by this decision as we love film and the smell of the chemistry  but we have held on to the very end and our  future will belong  now in the digital world.

Colin, James and Nick want to thank all you film afficionados for keeping us busy!

For the next few days we may be able to accept in store orders, please phone prior to coming in .

Oh and by the way, any messages or expressions of interest please send to interest at the link below.