Photo prints

photo prints, enlargements, digital prints from your camera

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Photo prints, enlargements, digital prints from your camera

Photo prints, enlargements, digital prints from your camera are core Genie Imaging services.  In fact, Genie uses the latest technology to make your photo prints. Our custom prints are made straight from your digital files. Bring your special memories back into  your ife with photo printing at Genie Imaging. Upload your  photos  to  us and sit back and enjoy the results for years to come!


Photo prints are all assessed at Genie

We will assess your photographic printing and make minor adjustments if neccessary. All images must be supplied “image/print ready” ie sized and balanced. This  service is for valuable enlargements which you will want to treasure as long lasting memories. We offer Matt or Gloss finish. Please bear in mind that matt prints are more suitable for framing behind glass.

The pricing matrix below has discounts for volume. The volume is calculated on a per image basis. ie 10 prints of the same image has the discount applied at the ten rate. Hence, 11 7×5 prints all of the same subject matter attracts the 11+ discount rate.


Photo prints are available in matt or gloss finish

Large photo prints, square prints or posters are all available form your image files. You can choose from different photo print finishes to get the best out of your photos. We do recommend matt for anything under glass and for photo framing your prints. Our framing department can custom frame your photo prints and ensure that they look great as wall art for years to come.


Poster prints

We make low cost poster prints which you can display on your walls. Simply upload your file to us and away we go…instant!


 Photo prints : Students have a 10% discount

We like to look after our students and are here to guide you through the myriad of choices available to you in the preparation of your files as print ready. Enjoy our subsidy as we do like to work with you. we understand that you have tight deadlines and also want the very best phot prints  from your files . Indeed . we are very happy to try new techniques and experiment with different papers. Genie imaging invests time into looking after our students – recognising them as the life blood of the Genie imaging’s  photo print business going forward. Some of our students ahve become the leading photographers of today.

How do we send you files for printing?  click here

Please use  to send us your files using the email address as . Remember to specify Matt or Gloss and a return postage address and also a contact telephone number. We will contact you for payment and to discuss your requirements if unclear ar all.


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